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3BB Promotion TH | EN
3BB Movie Buffet

Watch unlimited movies online at only 99 Baht per month

3BB customers watch movie online free for 2 Items

Watch movie online at home with unlimited access 24 hours


Promotion package Monthly Fee (Baht) Excluding VAT.

Movie Buffet package

2 Items free trial
fee 99 baht/month

3BB movie Buffet, watch movie online at home with unlimited access 24 hours. Don’t waste time finding VDO rental shop when you can watch through your computer screen. With just a click, you can easily select or search for movies.
Visit website at http://www.movie.3bb.co.th/moviebuffet/

  • Inexpensive, possible to watch your favorite movies unlimitedly 24 hours
  • All movies are of good quality, with amazing clarity
  • Ease of use in watching and searching for movies
  • Save time and cost for traveling (to VDO rental shop)
  • Standardized and secured payment method
  • Support legal copyrighted software
**Special privileges only for 3BB customers**

Special promotion for 3BB customers
Sign up today , Get free trial for 2 Items
**Registration for value added service is exclusively for 3BB users. The system will automatically scan the user’s network before any additional service registration.


- The monthly fee above does not include 7% VAT.
- To sign up, please visit http://movie.3BB.co.th
- To cancel the service, please contact Call Center 1530 or visit http://movie.3bb.co.th/moviebuffet/p_contact.php  
- Once register, users will receive one Username for one 3BB number which can be used with only one computer at a time.
- The company reserves the rights to make adjustments to some parts of the promotion without prior notice.

3BB Movie Buffet

Additional service for 3BB users who enjoy watching movies. Stay update with the new releases every week 24 hours unlimited with a high-quality DVD picture that doesn’t skip with varied package selection that worth your money.

Why choose “3BB Movie Buffet”?

• Ease of watch…though 5 Mb internet with no skipping
• Inexpensive, unlimited access
• All movies are of good quality, with amazing clarity
• Does not require time to load movie
• Able to continuously watch the movie
• Ease of use
• Worry free for overdue fee (when renting movie)
• Time and cost saving in traveling
• Standardized and secured payment method

Other services

- 3BB Hotspot

3BB WiFi อินเทอร์เน็ตไร้สายความเร็วสูง ออนไลน์ได้ทุกที่ไม่อั้น ไม่จำกัดชั่วโมง
บริษัท ทริปเปิลที อินเทอร์เน็ต จำกัด (TripleT Internet Co., Ltd.)